Monday, September 30, 2013

Thailand Week 7, 29 Sept 2013

So this week had pretty much one thing that tops it all.  Random transfers meeting!!!!  So we got back to our area Monday, and had one normal day.  Then Tuesday morning Elder Hunsaker gets a call from the zone leaders and he moved!!  He packed up everything that day (he has an impressive 60+ ties) and we were in Bangkok the next day by 2 in the afternoon. It was a pretty sad day.  My new companion is Elder Lucas who was actually MTC comps with Elder Hunsaker!  They're totally different people its crazy.  Me and Elder Lucas work well together, but we're still getting used to everything.  The first few days weren't all that exciting. We did a lot of sitting around and introducing all the people we teach and everything.  This week we'll really be able to start cracking down and getting to work!!  I'm excited for it! I've missed doing work the past little bit!  

So yeah that was the highlight of my week for sure.  We did get absolutely drenched one day too.  We road home in like 4 inches of rain in some places.  But it was coming from sports so we were thankfully in p-day clothes.  Elder Lucas' shoes are on their way though so he had to wear wet church shoes all day.

Oh and we got to eat at a member's house!  That was a first haha.  I know Mat and Johnny do that all the time but it's a little rare here, haha.  This sister went to BYU and worked at cafe rio or something so we had waaay good tacos, it was nice to be different from the typical Thai food.  

So yeah that's my week!  I love you all and can't wait to hear from you! 

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