Monday, February 24, 2014

Thailand Week 28, 21 Feb 2104

Hey Everyone! 

I'm just doing emails to families and one to President today.  We didn't get to work in our area at all this last week so we're sliding our Pday to Monday to get some work done first.

So this week has been insane.  I went to bed at 2:30 on Wednesday night, woke up at 5:30, skipped breakfast, went over to the transfers meeting and set up all the projectors and finished some other stuff, then after that stressful day we went home and after doing some more stuff went to bed at 10.  Then woke up at 2:00 to take the missionaries who are going home to the airport, brought back another thai missionary to send him to the bus stop in the morning.  We eventually got to bed at 6 in the morning and slept until 9.  I'm so tired haha.  But it was good and lots of crazy things happened.  The craziest thing was that Burma is officially open to branch builders and there are two missionaries currently serving there!  They're the first non senior couples to open Burma! It's huge for this area!!  
So as for my companionship Elder Cosper left and is in Samut Prakaan now.  Now it's just Elder Smith and I holding down the fort.  We're just a normal 2 person companionship now.  Another thing is that my first trainer, Elder Hunsaker, is the new AP and we're living in the same house!  It's so cool to be with him again! I actually know what's going on and can speak Thai now too haha.

Teaching is my favorite part of being a missionary by far.  It's the time when I feel the Spirit the most.

Dad you'll have to enjoy the snow for me.  We're getting into the hottest season now.  The hottest days are the second week of April. There's a huge water festival in Thailand that is just a huuuuge country wide water fight pretty much!  I'm way excited to play!

Say hello to everyone in the ward!  I now appreciate what it's like to have a real functioning ward haha.  

I love you all! 

Love Josh

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thailand Week 27, 14 Feb 2014

What's up family!  

Happy Valentines Day!  It's already passed for me.  Pretty inconspicuously if you can believe it.  They had a stake dance at the church last night and we were there teaching a couple of investigators.  It was pretty funny to see all the awkwardness and think about stake dances back home.  I learned some pretty cool dance moves from Elder Creer.  He's going home this week but his chest popping will never die. 

There are some crazy Thai people that wear jackets and stuff even though I think it's ridiculously hot here.  They say that it's better than having the sun actually hit their skin.  They don't want to be tan here.  Most of the face wash and stuff says it will whiten your skin and whatever.  Weird huh.  My tan is going away because I've been in the office for so long, but it'll come back eventually!  Maybe even this next week.  I have no idea where I'll move too...or if I will.  I'm leaning towards no but only the Lord knows. 

Dad I'm realizing that you can study the scriptures your entire life all day and never know anything.  Sometimes I just wish I could sit and read for an entire day.  In of Preach My Gospel Chapter 6 there's a Christ Like Attribute Assessment that I did today.  It's 57 questions about different qualities to help you become like the Savior.  It's so helpful and really made me think about some stuff.  Particularly relying on the Lord.  Which I realized, I'm not actually sure what that means completely.  I'll study that soon sometime.  It's so important in lessons and in every aspect of missionary life.  Right now our investigator we met, and who is the most prepared, repentant person ever, has a problem with family opposition.  Actually we have a couple people that aren't baptized yet because of that.  If we don't rely on the Spirit we won't know how to help them with their concerns.  There's always progression to be done.  

Mom things are going pretty good over here.  I'm nervous for transfers but I don't think I'm moving. That's my guess but I honestly can't say anything for sure.  We're pretty sure Elder Cosper is moving he's been here a while, 3 people in my house are dying (going home), both zoneleaders and 1 AP.  There's definitely going to be change.  I'll get a sneak peak because I help make the transfer board for the meeting that has all the secrets.  I'll let you know what happens next week! Maybe on Monday. ;)  

I love you all and hope that you're happy! :)  I'm learning that the best way to be happy is to dive into the work and push everything else back.  It's hard but I'm learning slowly. :)  
Love Josh.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Thailand Week 26, 10 Feb 2014

Hey Mom!

Sorry this is late, and it won't be all that long either... Last Saturday we sent out some important mail, went to lunch at Carl's Jr. with our ward mission leader (he's a translator for the church so he can speak perfect English), and then bought suits!!  I'm super excited for it!!  You know how good I am at making decisions and stuff right?  It was kind of stressful haha.  I ended up with a dark blue outside and then a light blue/yellow paisley lining.  In total it was 4800 Bhat.  About 160 dollars.  I'm gonna pick it up next Saturday.  I can have them adjust anything I want so it fits the way I like.  

So far we've been doing pretty good.  It's starting to get stressful here because we have transfers in like a week so there's tons of logistical stuff to figure out.  We're doing a lot of driving luggage and people and airport delivery and stuff like that.  It'll all work out though.  As far as I know I'm staying here in the office.  Typically you stay in the office more than just one transfer I think.  We're guessing Elder Cosper will leave, and Elder Smith has been here just one like me but he says he thinks he might leave as well.  It would kinda suck to be the only office elder left, but I don't really think that it'll happen.

There are 3 people in our house going home this transfer.  It's going to feel pretty lonely without them at first.  It'll be fun to get to know new people though.  We've been seeing some real miracles as far as teaching and stuff goes.  We've had some really solid investigators show up from nowhere and are completely prepared to get baptized,  This one girl says she feels like she's denied this opportunity before and now she has one last chance to take it.  She completely understands repentance and has already been doing it on her own because the light of Christ is so strong in her. (Quote from Elder Chelson my district leader: "If your investigator doesn't understand repentance, baptism will profit them nothing.")  She can totally get baptized this Sunday!!  We're going for 15 in our ward! :)

Okay we've got to go prepare for FHE and buy snacks and stuff.  Can't wait to hear from you!  :)
Sorry I couldn't say something to everyone...I love you all!
Love Elder Keller

Monday, February 3, 2014

Thailand Week 25, 31 Jan 2014

Hey Family! :)

It's so stinking hot here.  It's been cooler for the past couple months but now it's getting warmer...I don't like it haha.  And it looks like it's way warm there too!  Why is the snow gone!!  Did it just wreck ski season?  I bet.  How's snow machining looking?

Mom someone finally cleaned our bathroom.  The apartment people came in and were working on the plumbing in our bathroom and cleaned and rerouted it all too.  It seriously looks different.  Like I didn't know that the tiles were supposed to be that color.  Pretty gross huh.  We still haven't gotten the chance to hire a maid yet. We keep forgetting and then someone yells out that this house is disgusting and we plan on doing it tomorrow.  We're determined to not do it ourselves.  It's like 15 bucks to get it all done and that's split 7 ways!  So perfect right! ;)  I promise I shower everyday and stuff like that though.  Love and miss you! :)

Dad I realized the past week or so, listening to some other missionaries talk and teach and stuff, that I don't know the scriptures very well.  Especially the Bible.  I definitely slept way to much in seminary.  So I've been trying a few different ways to study that will help me become a better scriptorian or something.  Today I read in PMG chapter 5, which is all about the Book of Mormon.  I really liked it!  I read all of the references it gives and stuff.  Most of it was about how the Bible and the Book of Mormon connect each other and teach together.  It was good.  There's kind of a mentality that you don't really use the Bible here because the church hasn't done a translation and so it's not quite the same.  But you can still use it.  I think I'm going to start trying that more.  I'll let you know how it all goes.  What do you do to study the scriptures better?

Nate. What's up.  How's life.  How's school.  How's skiing.  Can you ski?  Do you wear a big coat?  Do you have a best friend?  Does he have a big coat?  Can you name that movie quote?  I bet you can.  How about this one?  "Rico!  Did you reinforce the take off ramp?  No we didn't have time.  ... Excellent.  Vrroooom! crash!  Thud. *throw up noises*"   ;)  You'll have to keep a track of all the funniest movies we can watch together!  

Hey Natalie!  What's going on with you?  Do you like 8th grade?  Are all of the 7th graders taller than you? ;)  I'm still short.  Even for Asians.  I'm hoping I'll grow a little while I'm here but I'm not hoping too hard.  I'm getting pretty dang ripped though!  ;)  I bet I could throw a pig skin a quarter mile.  And even farther back in '82.  Do you have a date for valentines day yet?  

Matthew!!!  How are you!  What is your favorite snack/treat?  Right now mine is timtams.  I don't know if they have them in America.  They're cookies that you can bite the ends off and suck milk through them.  They're so stinking good.  We probably 'slam timtams" like once a week.  I have a bunch of pudding I need to still make too.  Food is so good.  I'll have to learn how to make Thai food for you all.  It's the most delicious thing.  But there's not a whole lot that can beat a hamburger.  Haha I remember when you were little and called them krabby patties. ;)  Do they even make new sponge bob episodes anymore?

I love you all and miss you! Have a great week! :)
Love Josh