Monday, February 10, 2014

Thailand Week 26, 10 Feb 2014

Hey Mom!

Sorry this is late, and it won't be all that long either... Last Saturday we sent out some important mail, went to lunch at Carl's Jr. with our ward mission leader (he's a translator for the church so he can speak perfect English), and then bought suits!!  I'm super excited for it!!  You know how good I am at making decisions and stuff right?  It was kind of stressful haha.  I ended up with a dark blue outside and then a light blue/yellow paisley lining.  In total it was 4800 Bhat.  About 160 dollars.  I'm gonna pick it up next Saturday.  I can have them adjust anything I want so it fits the way I like.  

So far we've been doing pretty good.  It's starting to get stressful here because we have transfers in like a week so there's tons of logistical stuff to figure out.  We're doing a lot of driving luggage and people and airport delivery and stuff like that.  It'll all work out though.  As far as I know I'm staying here in the office.  Typically you stay in the office more than just one transfer I think.  We're guessing Elder Cosper will leave, and Elder Smith has been here just one like me but he says he thinks he might leave as well.  It would kinda suck to be the only office elder left, but I don't really think that it'll happen.

There are 3 people in our house going home this transfer.  It's going to feel pretty lonely without them at first.  It'll be fun to get to know new people though.  We've been seeing some real miracles as far as teaching and stuff goes.  We've had some really solid investigators show up from nowhere and are completely prepared to get baptized,  This one girl says she feels like she's denied this opportunity before and now she has one last chance to take it.  She completely understands repentance and has already been doing it on her own because the light of Christ is so strong in her. (Quote from Elder Chelson my district leader: "If your investigator doesn't understand repentance, baptism will profit them nothing.")  She can totally get baptized this Sunday!!  We're going for 15 in our ward! :)

Okay we've got to go prepare for FHE and buy snacks and stuff.  Can't wait to hear from you!  :)
Sorry I couldn't say something to everyone...I love you all!
Love Elder Keller

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