Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thailand Week 27, 14 Feb 2014

What's up family!  

Happy Valentines Day!  It's already passed for me.  Pretty inconspicuously if you can believe it.  They had a stake dance at the church last night and we were there teaching a couple of investigators.  It was pretty funny to see all the awkwardness and think about stake dances back home.  I learned some pretty cool dance moves from Elder Creer.  He's going home this week but his chest popping will never die. 

There are some crazy Thai people that wear jackets and stuff even though I think it's ridiculously hot here.  They say that it's better than having the sun actually hit their skin.  They don't want to be tan here.  Most of the face wash and stuff says it will whiten your skin and whatever.  Weird huh.  My tan is going away because I've been in the office for so long, but it'll come back eventually!  Maybe even this next week.  I have no idea where I'll move too...or if I will.  I'm leaning towards no but only the Lord knows. 

Dad I'm realizing that you can study the scriptures your entire life all day and never know anything.  Sometimes I just wish I could sit and read for an entire day.  In of Preach My Gospel Chapter 6 there's a Christ Like Attribute Assessment that I did today.  It's 57 questions about different qualities to help you become like the Savior.  It's so helpful and really made me think about some stuff.  Particularly relying on the Lord.  Which I realized, I'm not actually sure what that means completely.  I'll study that soon sometime.  It's so important in lessons and in every aspect of missionary life.  Right now our investigator we met, and who is the most prepared, repentant person ever, has a problem with family opposition.  Actually we have a couple people that aren't baptized yet because of that.  If we don't rely on the Spirit we won't know how to help them with their concerns.  There's always progression to be done.  

Mom things are going pretty good over here.  I'm nervous for transfers but I don't think I'm moving. That's my guess but I honestly can't say anything for sure.  We're pretty sure Elder Cosper is moving he's been here a while, 3 people in my house are dying (going home), both zoneleaders and 1 AP.  There's definitely going to be change.  I'll get a sneak peak because I help make the transfer board for the meeting that has all the secrets.  I'll let you know what happens next week! Maybe on Monday. ;)  

I love you all and hope that you're happy! :)  I'm learning that the best way to be happy is to dive into the work and push everything else back.  It's hard but I'm learning slowly. :)  
Love Josh.

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