Monday, January 27, 2014

Thailand Week 24, 26 Jan 2014

Hey family!!  Sorry I didn't email the other day.  We got tied up with more delivery stuff, but it turned into a sick P-day!! 

Our day was pretty crazy.  It started at 3:30 in the morning when we woke up to get ready to take President and Sister Senior to the airport. That was hard.  From there we drove on to Ayutthaya and dropped off a replacement stove because the last one we took up there wasn't any was missing the burners so it wasn't worth anything.

While we were in Ayutthaya we decided to go and check on the Elders there and hopefully play a prank, but they had their doors all locked, which is kinda unusual according to Elder Smith haha.  But Elder Smith wasn't about to quit and he climbed up onto their balcony and tried the door up there but it was locked too.  But Elder Vance was in and he heard the tapping on the window and saw the shadow on the door and got pretty freaked out haha.  He let us in and we hung out with them for a little bit before heading on to Lopburi.

In Lopburi we had to take a bike to an Elder who got his stolen and we took advantage of the chance and did some awesome stuff there!!  I had star fruit for the first time from the tree in the Elder's yard there.  And then we went to the MONKEY TEMPLE!!!

This was seriously one of the coolest things I've ever gotten to do!  There's this old wat in the city that has just hundreds of monkeys that live there and chill there.  There's a more modern touristy part that has a wat people still pray at and there's little gift shops and food to buy and stuff.  We were there first and it was so sick.  The monkeys are crazy and everywhere.  They go nuts for food and are just insane little animals.  They would climb on you and would like pick stuff out of your hair and check out your watch and stuff.  It was pretty weird at first but after a monkey or two jumping up on you you get used to it and it's way fun!  I'll put some pictures up.  

They're little sneaky thieves too!  One tried to steal my name tag and there's some bite marks in it.  But Elder Cosper has the best story.  His name tag got legitimately stolen!  The monkey climbing on him snagged it and ran off!  It scrambled up the wall and was chillin there.  We got one of the helpers who had a stick and is kinda monkey control to help but it was gone.  So we walked over to the other older wat (the monkeys are meaner here and less friendly to people) and were looking for this monkey with the name tag for like 30 minutes.  We decided to walk around and just look one more time.  We got there and were kinda looking around.  I turned to the right and like 6 feet away from us is this monkey just chilling with the tag!  I don't even think it was the same monkey! 

Elder Cosper had a little milk thing he bought and set it next to the monkey to distract it.  It put down his tag to drink the milk and he snagged it and ran off screaming.  It was really a tender mercy from the Lord haha.

After that we went to do this other thing.   There's a random mountain like 30 minutes from there that we went and climbed the 4000 steps to the Buddhist sanctuary thing at the top! It's pretty dang cool!  It was totally exhausting, especially because we were in church clothes...but it was totally worth it!  On the way down we bought these matts and slid down the rail on the middle of the stairs!  It was super steep in some places so you couldn't do it but there were other places that were way fun.  

We were so exhausted at the end of the day but it was so worth it!

Then Sunday was weird.

Because of the mobs and stuff hanging around Bangkok the Bishop decided to make church only sacrament meeting.  That was the first weird part.  But then sacrament meeting really only consisted of confirming and giving the gift of the holy ghost to the 10 people who got baptized, the sacrament ordinance, and then the 10 testimonies of those people.  Honestly I slept for a large portion of that meeting...some things never change.

We had an awesome week here and got lots of good lessons and new investigators!

Love you all!
Love Elder Keller

Monday, January 20, 2014

Thailand Week 23, 18 Jan 2014

Hey Family!

I opened my birthday package!  It was pretty sweet!  Honestly it was pretty perfect for a missionary!  Nothing that's going to be hard to carry around but all fun little surprises! :)  Haha we don't do any cooking at home here I'm pretty set on seasonings and stuff for a while. ;)  

Dad I'm happy to hear that the rain didn't stop you from going out and snow machining.  Really you can snow machine in any weather.  Remember that last trip we took out to Turnagain?  It was like 40 degrees or something!  That was one of the funnest trips! Besides from the scary mountain top and jumping 20 feet on accident while climbing the waterfall...but besides that! ;)

Mom my desk is messy...but I do my laundry on a regular basis!  I'm turning into a responsible person little by little!  I'm even in charge of like 600 dollars that they give us office elders to do errands and stuff.  I'm gonna rock at life pretty soon.  Oh and driving.  It's so much easier to drive in Alaska than Bangkok haha.  Sometimes the big overpass highway turns from the marked 3 lanes to 4 and you just have to maneuver that big creeper van through it all.  But Heavenly Father watches over us.  He seriously does, I believe it 100%

Today we played basketball with president and a bunch of other missionaries and I did ok but my shooting is pretty crappy right now...I missed like 2 foot layups sometimes...I need to get in the zone!!!  There's this motivational video that's way cool you can find on YouTube that we watch sometimes called "Why we fail" I think.  Check it out!  

I miss the cold. And not like air conditioning but actually cold air.  We went to an ice skating rink to talk to an investigator that works there and it felt so good to be cold!  

So last Sunday we were in the office doing stuff and Elder Cosper and I walk out off the room and see this lady sitting in the lobby reading a restoration pamphlet and we're like "what?"  so we go sit down and start talking to her.  She's so perfect!!  She's a christian already.  We taught her, she came to church, found a friend, saw a baptism, perfect first day!  And then we've taught her a couple times more and we're planning on her getting baptized tomorrow!  That's 7 days from the first contact!  Heavenly Father seriously cares about everyone and we can definitely find them!

Love you all!
Love Elder Keller

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Thailand Week 22, 11 Jan 2014

Hey Everyone!

Sorry this is coming late.  We had kind of a weird day yesterday.  It was our p-day but there were some things we had to do.  Mainly taking Elder Ellsworth to the bus station and delivering book of Mormons.  Then we got tagged with another job.  There's a senior couple out in Ayuttaya that needed a stove and a cabinet that was sitting in the office, so because we were already going to be driving that direction we decided to take the stuff and spend p-day up there!  

It was way fun.  We saw some really cool wats (temples) and stuff.  Elder Smith moved from there so he showed us around.  We saw the wat they used in the mortal combat movie (I've never seen it) and this one wat where you can go down to the middle of it, and another one that had some old Buddha statue head all tangle up in the roots of a big tree.  It was awesome!  I'll put some pictures up.  

This week went fast but it feels like a month looking back on it.  I went on switch offs with Elder Chelson the District Leader Wednesday, we played basketball in the morning with President and like 11 missionaries the next day.  And we did a ton of office stuff.  That's been kinda hard, doing mostly office stuff.  We hardly ever get to go out and contact and stuff like that.  Mostly just this last week was crazy and we were pretty busy in the office.  But today will be good!  Besides my stomach...

I don't know what it was but yesterday I ate something that destroyed my stomach.  All night my stomach hurt and I just couldn't sleep.  I woke up more than once and had to run to the bathroom.  I feel a little better now but still not 100%.  Good thing most of today is just sitting and listening.

I think my favorite part about being a missionary is teaching in Thai.  You get to speak the language,  interact with the investigators, feel the Spirit, and help them get baptized!  The language is so important but even more than that is listening to the Spirit.  That's something I'm learning a lot more about, how to understand the promptings we receive during the lessons.  Being a missionary is the best!

Elder Keller

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Thailand Week 21, 3 Jan 2014

Hey Mom!! Hey Dad!! Hey Matt!! Hey Nathan!! Hey Natalie!! Hey Everyone!!

How are all of you guys??  I'm doing really well.  The office is fun and I'm starting to get the hang of doing the different kind of work that we have here.  It's still an adjustment but I love it.  We still are doing good missionary work!!  We don't have time to just go out and contact that often, but we talk to people around us all the time on the buses and stuff.  We had a really good Spirit led lesson with an investigator the other day! She's way smart and reads the scriptures in depth and understands; but, she hasn't quite obtained a firm belief in God yet.  So that's where the Spirit led our lesson.  I definitely felt Him working.  At one point we were trying to find a scripture and I opened up to a page I had book marked for something else and my eyes went straight to Mosiah 3:19.  It helped us teach her that we need to be submissive to God and to trust in him in order to receive our answers and the guidance we ask for.  It was a really important step in helping her start to have a better experience.

Mom I've gotten into my Birthday box a little bit...I didn't have anything for breakfast and you said it had food haha.  But I haven't dug past the oatmeal! ;)  I'm still thriving off the Christmas candy I got!  How are the Chena hot springs?  Sounds like you guys decided to do a bunch of cool stuff now that I'm gone.  I wanted to go to the Chena hot springs!  You guys will have to go twice. :) My favorite thing for Christmas was definitely talking to you guys!   
I love you!!
Love Elder Keller

Thailand Week 20, Christmas Skype

Josh got to Skype home for Christmas!