Monday, January 20, 2014

Thailand Week 23, 18 Jan 2014

Hey Family!

I opened my birthday package!  It was pretty sweet!  Honestly it was pretty perfect for a missionary!  Nothing that's going to be hard to carry around but all fun little surprises! :)  Haha we don't do any cooking at home here I'm pretty set on seasonings and stuff for a while. ;)  

Dad I'm happy to hear that the rain didn't stop you from going out and snow machining.  Really you can snow machine in any weather.  Remember that last trip we took out to Turnagain?  It was like 40 degrees or something!  That was one of the funnest trips! Besides from the scary mountain top and jumping 20 feet on accident while climbing the waterfall...but besides that! ;)

Mom my desk is messy...but I do my laundry on a regular basis!  I'm turning into a responsible person little by little!  I'm even in charge of like 600 dollars that they give us office elders to do errands and stuff.  I'm gonna rock at life pretty soon.  Oh and driving.  It's so much easier to drive in Alaska than Bangkok haha.  Sometimes the big overpass highway turns from the marked 3 lanes to 4 and you just have to maneuver that big creeper van through it all.  But Heavenly Father watches over us.  He seriously does, I believe it 100%

Today we played basketball with president and a bunch of other missionaries and I did ok but my shooting is pretty crappy right now...I missed like 2 foot layups sometimes...I need to get in the zone!!!  There's this motivational video that's way cool you can find on YouTube that we watch sometimes called "Why we fail" I think.  Check it out!  

I miss the cold. And not like air conditioning but actually cold air.  We went to an ice skating rink to talk to an investigator that works there and it felt so good to be cold!  

So last Sunday we were in the office doing stuff and Elder Cosper and I walk out off the room and see this lady sitting in the lobby reading a restoration pamphlet and we're like "what?"  so we go sit down and start talking to her.  She's so perfect!!  She's a christian already.  We taught her, she came to church, found a friend, saw a baptism, perfect first day!  And then we've taught her a couple times more and we're planning on her getting baptized tomorrow!  That's 7 days from the first contact!  Heavenly Father seriously cares about everyone and we can definitely find them!

Love you all!
Love Elder Keller

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