Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Thailand Week 21, 3 Jan 2014

Hey Mom!! Hey Dad!! Hey Matt!! Hey Nathan!! Hey Natalie!! Hey Everyone!!

How are all of you guys??  I'm doing really well.  The office is fun and I'm starting to get the hang of doing the different kind of work that we have here.  It's still an adjustment but I love it.  We still are doing good missionary work!!  We don't have time to just go out and contact that often, but we talk to people around us all the time on the buses and stuff.  We had a really good Spirit led lesson with an investigator the other day! She's way smart and reads the scriptures in depth and understands; but, she hasn't quite obtained a firm belief in God yet.  So that's where the Spirit led our lesson.  I definitely felt Him working.  At one point we were trying to find a scripture and I opened up to a page I had book marked for something else and my eyes went straight to Mosiah 3:19.  It helped us teach her that we need to be submissive to God and to trust in him in order to receive our answers and the guidance we ask for.  It was a really important step in helping her start to have a better experience.

Mom I've gotten into my Birthday box a little bit...I didn't have anything for breakfast and you said it had food haha.  But I haven't dug past the oatmeal! ;)  I'm still thriving off the Christmas candy I got!  How are the Chena hot springs?  Sounds like you guys decided to do a bunch of cool stuff now that I'm gone.  I wanted to go to the Chena hot springs!  You guys will have to go twice. :) My favorite thing for Christmas was definitely talking to you guys!   
I love you!!
Love Elder Keller

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