Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Thailand Week 22, 11 Jan 2014

Hey Everyone!

Sorry this is coming late.  We had kind of a weird day yesterday.  It was our p-day but there were some things we had to do.  Mainly taking Elder Ellsworth to the bus station and delivering book of Mormons.  Then we got tagged with another job.  There's a senior couple out in Ayuttaya that needed a stove and a cabinet that was sitting in the office, so because we were already going to be driving that direction we decided to take the stuff and spend p-day up there!  

It was way fun.  We saw some really cool wats (temples) and stuff.  Elder Smith moved from there so he showed us around.  We saw the wat they used in the mortal combat movie (I've never seen it) and this one wat where you can go down to the middle of it, and another one that had some old Buddha statue head all tangle up in the roots of a big tree.  It was awesome!  I'll put some pictures up.  

This week went fast but it feels like a month looking back on it.  I went on switch offs with Elder Chelson the District Leader Wednesday, we played basketball in the morning with President and like 11 missionaries the next day.  And we did a ton of office stuff.  That's been kinda hard, doing mostly office stuff.  We hardly ever get to go out and contact and stuff like that.  Mostly just this last week was crazy and we were pretty busy in the office.  But today will be good!  Besides my stomach...

I don't know what it was but yesterday I ate something that destroyed my stomach.  All night my stomach hurt and I just couldn't sleep.  I woke up more than once and had to run to the bathroom.  I feel a little better now but still not 100%.  Good thing most of today is just sitting and listening.

I think my favorite part about being a missionary is teaching in Thai.  You get to speak the language,  interact with the investigators, feel the Spirit, and help them get baptized!  The language is so important but even more than that is listening to the Spirit.  That's something I'm learning a lot more about, how to understand the promptings we receive during the lessons.  Being a missionary is the best!

Elder Keller

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