Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Thailand Week 70, 14 Dec 2014

Hey Family! 
This week was pretty crazy for a little bit.  So the transfer call came and the only one moving out of Sagon Nakon was Elder Osborn, Elder Evan's trainer.  That was Monday. So he started getting ready and everything, trying to do it at night so he didn't waste proselyting time. Then on Tuesday the APs called him and told him that he was going to serve in the office and needed to leave as soon as possible.  So we did a weird switch off.  I went with him to pack while Elder Amontabe went with a member to teach, and Elder Evans did the same with another member.  So they left that night and were there all Wednesday and then the meeting was on Thursday.  So it turns out Elder Evans new companion is Elder Wright!!!  My old companion from Saphaan Sung!  Too bad he didn't know he was moving and was in the most out there tiny town in the mission.  So that was an adventure getting them together and to get them here.

In Elder Wright's last area they had a transfer of miracles, even with elders having dangei fever and other things going on, they managed to get church attendance up by 30 in the 6 week transfer.  It's all because the members started inviting their friends.  There were 15 investigators in that branch that Sunday and most of them were friends/family of members.  We're going to start the same program here and help Sagon Nakon get strong enough for a new church and help this district become a stake.  

Last Sunday we got to teach an older sister of a member we went and visited a few weeks ago.  She is just recently returned to church and she is now sharing the gospel with her family!  I know that this is only the beginning of all the miracles that will happen this transfer!

Love Elder Keller

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thailand Week 69, 7 Dec 2014

This Sunday was full of miracles.  We had a lot of things we still needed for our goals that week.  The mission has standards we've got to try and meet each week.  It includes 2 people at church, 2 new investigators, and 2 people with baptismal dates.  As of Saturday we had a couple people confirmed but the other 2, daters and new investigators, we had 0.  But we had faith. 

We went to church and no one was picking up Sunday morning.  So then this one guy walks in.  A Buddhist monk we met who speaks English, exchanged in America for school, and had been to temple square.  It was so awesome to see a monk in bright orange sitting there reading the Book of Mormon in sacrament meeting!  He was nice, made another appointment, but not surprisingly doesn't really want to be baptized as of right now. 

So then after sacrament meeting we get up and look around to see if anyone had brought a friend.  And there was a new lady we've never met!  She now has a date for the 21st of this month! 1 down!

So 2 people at church.  2 new investigators, 1 new dater.  1 dater left.  As we were eating lunch with all the members this tall guy with sunglasses walks in.  It was this guy I had contacted and confirmed but it turns out his late night job kept him up too late and he slept in.  So we taught him and he is so prepared!  He has been through a lot and knows that the Gospel can help from the things he's heard before.  He also has a date for the 21st!  Thailand needs 155 baptisms this month to hit 2000 baptisms in the year 2014!  We can do it!!!!!!

There's a talk called "The Challenge to Become" by Elder Oaks ( This week I started a big study about Ether 12:27 and I've been trying to apply it.  I've been praying out loud on my own at night to be more focused and sincere.  I've been focusing on relying on Christ more.  I can feel a change coming.  I can feel the power of the Atonement more.  It's so incredible.  I want to become the kind of person that can rule in the Celestial Kingdom.

Love Elder Keller

Sketchy place I got my hair cut

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thailand Week 68, 30 Nov 2014

Hey Family,

The biggest thing of this week was definitely the Thanksgiving activity on Thursday!  We managed to find a turkey from some guy like 10 kilos out of the city.  So we went with the branch president and bought it.  We then turned it over to Brother Bong who took care of all the feathers, insides, head, feet, all the nasty stuff.  Then we had to get it from him and send it to a member on a public transport truck to cook it.  It barely got done but it was really good!  We also got to have a great spiritual lesson where everyone, including some investigators and new members, got to share their testimonies about the blessings of the church and the family we find at church.  That was definitely the biggest theme, the warmth, love, and closeness of all the people at church together.  

I'm so grateful for my family: Mom, Dad, Nathan, Matthew, and Natalie.  And also for the world wide family of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Please, come and join our family!

Love Elder Keller