Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thailand Week 68, 30 Nov 2014

Hey Family,

The biggest thing of this week was definitely the Thanksgiving activity on Thursday!  We managed to find a turkey from some guy like 10 kilos out of the city.  So we went with the branch president and bought it.  We then turned it over to Brother Bong who took care of all the feathers, insides, head, feet, all the nasty stuff.  Then we had to get it from him and send it to a member on a public transport truck to cook it.  It barely got done but it was really good!  We also got to have a great spiritual lesson where everyone, including some investigators and new members, got to share their testimonies about the blessings of the church and the family we find at church.  That was definitely the biggest theme, the warmth, love, and closeness of all the people at church together.  

I'm so grateful for my family: Mom, Dad, Nathan, Matthew, and Natalie.  And also for the world wide family of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Please, come and join our family!

Love Elder Keller

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