Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Thailand Week 3, 1 Sept 2013

Hey family!  

How is everything?  Phitsanulok doesn't have all the cool Thailandy stuff like some other areas.  I haven't seen a single elephant.  But I have seen a Gecko!  I caught a tiny one in our house and when I tried to take a picture the flash went off right in it's eye...it's probably blinded for life now.  We haven't had too many crawly things.  We had one cockroach crawl out of the bathroom drain but he didn't last long.  That gecko you saw at the fair looks like what they call  Dook-aeh.  They're really scared of them because they'll bite you and don't let go until you kill them is what I've heard.  I haven't seen one yet but they're common in some parts I think.  They get like 15 inches long I think.  

This week was kinda boring but we did do some really fun stuff!  Tuesday we got to teach the advanced English class and this week's topic was on slang.  We had some fun haha.  There are now a bunch of Thai kids that know the words boss, dope, swag, peace, yo, dawg, and some others.  They also learned that a lot of the songs you hear use words that aren't nice too...

We helped some member serve a friend too, we sanded some metal gates to get rust off and then painted those and some stools.  It was like 100 degrees.

Wednesday I can't remember anything.

Thursday our investigator 'I' passed his interview for baptism!  So that was awesome!

Friday we didn't do anything too special.

Saturday was the baptism!  It was so good!  Another member baptized him and we also had a member confirm him on Sunday.  The baptism was way good and he had such a good testimony he bore after it.  

Sundays aren't really days of rest for a missionary   The only difference is that I spend three hours sitting and trying to understand.  Without a whole lot of luck most of the time.  I dosed off a bit during testimonies yesterday.  
So yeah that's pretty much it!  

Mom if you ever send a package just know that we get it every 9 weeks at transfers meeting.  And Elder Hunsaker recommends getting the "just add water" kind of things like mashed potatoes or something.  And I can print stuff here at these computer places!  So If you get piano music and send it as an email or something I can get it!  Could you send the pirates of the carribean, the "all creatures of our god and king", and also there's this member that can play the skyrim theme and it's way cool.  Don't work to hard or pay a lot but if you could find that, that would be awesome.  Oh and I bet you'd like "Requiem for a dream"  It's way good but Elder Hunsaker has it already.  Oh! and 'In Dreams' from the Lord of the Rings!  

How's everyone doing at home!  It sounds like everything is going good!  Mom I think if I asked people and tried to figure out their religion I would get Buddhist like 90% of the time haha.  Literally.  There are statues everywhere.  I'm really learning to appreciate you cooking and cleaning and doing laundry.  We have a washer in the house so it's not that hard really, and we hang everything.  We get real food because we eat out almost every meal.  And we just don't clean that often.  There's a bunch of little ants that crawl in through the window by my desk and I should figure out what they're going for.

Dad you would love to come here and see everything just because it's such a different and interesting culture!  Everything here is just not the same.  

I love you all and can't wait to hear from you again!
Love Elder Josh Keller

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