Monday, September 16, 2013

Thailand Week 5, 15 Sept 2013

Hey Everyone!  So here's how my week went!  It had some pretty fun days!  

Monday was pretty typical for a P-day.  I was pretty productive though!  I shined my shoes, wrote a letter, read some in Jesus the Christ, watched the testaments, it's nice just to have time to relax.  We had probably a record number of phone calls though.  All of which I had to answer because Elder Hunsaker was asleep haha. It didn't always go so well.  Thai is so hard over the phone.

Tuesday we had a cool experience contacting.  We had some appointments planned but as I'm getting really used to here almost all of them fell through and people just didn't show up.  So we went and did some contacting to fill time.  Not the funnest thing.  While we were there we got this call from someone we contacted Sunday when we drew with chalk and she said "Hey I see you".  So we got to talk to her again and set up a new appointment!  That was a cool blessing.

Wednesday was definitely a new experience.  We had the zone leaders come down from Chiang Mai for the day.  Elders Harley and Xayavong.  They're both awesome missionaries.  We went on splits with them for the whole day pretty much.  I got to split with elder Xayavong.  Oh and guess what?  He's a missionary from Laos!  We spoke in Thai pretty much the whole time. He's pretty good at English, especially for the missionary stuff.  He's a way good Elder.  We went and talked to a few people and visited one of the sister's investigators with them.  It was a really good experience. 

Thursday wasn't anything too special.  Actually wait it was my 1 month mark in country!!  I've officially been in Thailand for a month now!! We do our long planning session for the week on Thursdays so we always get good food before.  This week was pizza. Oh man it was so good.  We also got to teach Brother J a lesson about the Melchizedek priesthood and we watched the Mormon Message called "Sanctify Yourselves" about an 18 year old football coach for a young team.  One player got struck by lightning during practice and while the other coaches (2 EMTs) did CPR he gave a silent blessing.  They both have served missions since then!  The priesthood has such real power.

Friday was a good day.  We taught a lot.  Which resulted in us doing like a 15 minute crazy dash through the streets of Pitsanulok following brother Gap on his motorcycle weaving through some cars and stuff.  Then we did the same thing right after that to get to the next appointment.  It can get pretty crazy here sometimes.

Saturday we rode a bus out of the city to see a couple recent converts that live out there.  It's crazy how fast it goes from a city to rice patties and big green jungle trees.  I'll post some pictures.  Once we got there we rode to the members house on a crazy cart thing. It's like what Nacho Libre drives.  It has a dirt bike for the back where the driver sits and then a two wheeled cart for the front.  It was a way cool experience,  even if we did get absolutely drenched walking to one of the houses in a rainstorm.  

Sunday was pretty normal. Church, teaching, yeah.

All in all a pretty good week!  

We have zone conference and district conference to look forward to this week!  I'm the music chorister at zone conference.  What the heck?  It was a pretty random assignment haha.  There are 10 "how to Begin teaching" points in Preach My Gospel that we have to memorize along with Doctrine and Covenants section 4. They randomly pick some people to recite them in front of everyone at zone conference...kinda scary haha.  It'll be fun to spend a couple days up in Chiang Mai.

ผมรักครอบครัว That means I love you family!  Thai is getting easier, but it's still hard.  There are so many things that I can't do still.  In Thailand people are blunt and don't really filter things as much so I've gotten "oh you don't speak Thai very well yet".  Or there's this one sister that we called and she was like "why did you make me talk to the greeny??"  haha It's funny though. 

Mom you wouldn't like eating here. It's way good but it doesn't look the cleanest haha.  It's almost always outside with flies everywhere haha.  At the store all the meat is just out on ice sitting there.  But I'm not sick yet!
One thing about being a missionary is you don't ever hear music, so sometimes when we're in stores they play good songs.  I got pretty lucky one day!  (I don't know if I should be excited about this or not haha). But I got to hear "Hard to love", "Burn it down" by Linkin Park and "the Good Life" by One Republic.  Score!  

I'm loving everything and doing good! 
Love Elder Josh Keller

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