Monday, September 23, 2013

Thailand Week 6, 22 Sept 2013

Hey everyone!! 
This week was fun!! 
We had a pretty typical week.  Wednesday at our activity we had like 30 people!!  I think it's because they did interviews with the Branch President at the same time but whatever it was way fun!!  

Then Thursday we went and got on a bus up to Chiang Mai for district conference and zone conference!!

I wonder how many people get on a bus for six hours to get to their zone head quarters.  Probably not that many.  It was a way good weekend.  The bus isn't all that fun but I don't mind it.  I got to watch the mummy movie with the dragon king. Whichever one that was. It was in Thai though haha.  On the buses you can't get away from it, its on the speakers, so President says make it language study.   I didn't pick hardly anything out haha.  Listening is way hard!  

Friday we had our zone conference with all the missionaries in our zone.  Which includes Phitsanulok (me), Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and Lam Pang.  So like 25 missionaries.  It was so fun!!  We talked about conversion and making a lasting conversion so that the church can really progress. That's our goal right now, building up the church so we can have more wards and stakes.  We're not too far from qualifying for a temple!!  How awesome would that be!!  They already know where it will be too!
My team won our activity at zone conference too so now I have 200 baht to Swensens, this way good ice cream place waiting to be used.  Saturday we had nothing planned to do.  We hung out for a while and talked to some members.  There are really cool people in the church here!  Then like 8 of us went and did a really cool contacting activity!!  We did chalk again!! Surprised right?  We went to the park and drew a HUUUUGE plan of salvation!! Like so big we would walk people through the whole thing. You could fit like 6 people on earth.  So many people came to that place too. With like 15 missionaries working we got like 100 people through it in like 3 hours.  It was a way good experience and super fun to work with all the missionaries!! Then we went to the best white person food place in Thailand and I got a huge plate of fried chicken and a big piece of cheese cake.  Sooo good.

Sunday we had our district conference. We had like 25 people from Phitsanulok come!!  Which is good considering it's 6 hours away.  There were members of the 70 there!!  Oh and Elder Vance and I got a chance to teach with one of them!

This was cool.  This guy from Sweden that is living in Thailand for a while has had some experiences in his life that are obviously promptings from the Holy Ghost and Heavenly Father helping him out.  Once he got a prompting to check some soldiers and ended up saving them from -40 degree weather as a soldier in Sweden.  But he's kinda pushed these experiences away because he doesn't understand them.  Then the day before he had another crazy thing happen, some fire he was lighting did something crazy and started spinning or something.  It made him rethink those other experiences and he came into church wanting to talk about them to someone. Elder Vance, Elder Fung (70) and I got to talk to him!!  You could definitely see the spirit working on him as he came to terms with Heavenly Father and was assured that he is real and he does interact with us.  He couldn't come to the meetings but hopefully he learns again soon!  The Lord definitely does prepare people!  

After that we ate tons of food that the members all provided and headed back here.  I'm excited to get back to work in Phitsanulok!  I love it here!

Love Elder Josh Keller

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