Monday, September 9, 2013

Thailand Week 4, 8 Sept 2013

Hey everyone!  
This week was actually pretty boring.  Well not boring, but nothing super crazy happened.  Monday we had our activity, Tuesday we did English class. That was actually way fun.  It was an end of the unit kind of thing so we put in the Joseph Smith movie in English for them to watch.  I liked it more than most of them I think haha.  Wednesday we didn't have a whole lot to do.  Thai people don't feel bad cancelling lessons or just not showing up.  Usually the later.  So we spent quite a bit of time just sitting at the church waiting for people who didn't come.  

But the ones that do come make it all worth it!  We have a few investigators and they're awesome.  It's so fun to teach.  It's when I can understand most of what's going on because it's all the vocab I've practiced haha.  I did finally see a monkey!  Sorta.  We were contacting and we saw a cage a little bit down a side street.  It was like 3 feet cubed and there was a monkey in it!  It was kinda sad actually.   Some guy threw some water at it.  But yeah that was my monkey experience.  

Oh Monday was pretty fun!  We went to the central mall thing to watch a member do a dance thing there.  He's one of the best dancers in Thailand so it was way cool.  We ended up just hanging out there all day because his time got changed but it was cool.  In McDonald's there were a couple girls that had done exchanges in Utah and could speak perfect English!  They asked to take a picture with us to send to their host families!  It was a cool coincidence.

We've done a lot of contacting this week.  President Senior has requested 2 hours a day of contacting.  And I'm sure in other missions that's nothing but I'm still getting used to it.  I'm getting better though.  Elder Hunsaker is all about starting off in a weird way or something.  Almost like a pick up line.  It works though.  You just have to break the ice.  It's still something that part of me just doesn't like at all though.  We have Thai Book of Mormons that we hand out, but we don't do any house knocking.  Just street contacting.  

I don't really have any good pictures from this week...
Our chalk drawings were awesome though!  Some of the Sisters are way good artists.  We had the tree of life, Enos, Nephi building the boat, King Benjamin, and Abinadi.  I got like 7 phone numbers from it! Having people answer the questions really helps open up the conversation.

Sunday was pretty good!  I didn't understand everything and dozed a bit in sacrament meeting.  But our investigator that got baptized last week got the priesthood!  And another young member got to give it to him! 

Oh and a member asked me if I could give him a priesthood blessing.  It was so nerve wracking to have to do it in Thai.  I read the quoted parts in Thai and tried my best to make sense with the blessing part haha.  

One thing I'm still not good at is sitting cross legged. It hurts my hips and knees so bad.  Sometimes we teach lessons all like that or do an activity that way.  The older missionaries say it gets better but I'm still waiting for that...

Thailand is such a cool place!  Every day I feel less and less like someone who doesn't belong here.  It really helps with everything.  I'll hit my one month in country mark this week!  That's such a crazy thought!  It already feels like this is just what I do.  Time is weird on a mission.  

I just finished reading 2 Nephi and have started Jacob.  The end of 2 Nephi is so intense and powerful.  And then Jacob talked about how he had to preach to the people to fulfill his responsibility to our Heavenly Father as one with knowledge and a calling in the gospel.  It reminded me of what I'm doing and how there are people that need to hear the gospel.  

I love and miss you all so much!  I hope everything stays good at home!  

Love Elder Josh Keller

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