Monday, May 4, 2015

Thailand Week 90, 3 May 2015

It's fun to hear that things are getting green there! That's never really been a problem here in Thailand haha. Although, sometimes the old rice fields look pretty dry in hot season. We're still in hot season I guess, but it's also starting to rain a lot. We've gotten soaked a few times as we bike home at night. The storms here get so strong! There's crazy thunder and lightning. The loudest sound I've ever heard in my life is when lightning touches down near by, it's like a massive gun shot. I'm sure you won't have any crazy lightning or anything at girl's camp. I don't think I've ever seen lightning in Alaska. Is that because the mountains break the storms up?

This last week was kind of odd, but was arguably the most important week of my mission. Elder Tanner and Elder Crump, the APs, came down and trained us on what the focus of the mission needs to be. The center of our focus is not the temple, nor is it families, but it must be the Doctrine of Jesus Christ. Temples and families are eternally important, but someone who has not been baptized cannot go to the temple/be sealed. We've drifted away from the Doctrine of Christ and a focus on baptism which has in turn made us a little less sharp, less efficient as servants of the Lord. With a renewed focus on baptism and renewed faith we are working as hard as we can to let the Lord's work go forth as the stone cut without hands to fill the whole earth.

We need to think more about baptism! So we took a white board marker and wrote baptism on all of our mirrors, the bathroom tiles, all the random stuffs. We taped a ton of old baptism pass along cards on the wall and we are now doing all high-fives with the right arm held at the square. Hopefully that's not going to far...

Right now we have some prospects. One has been progressing for a while, but the first thing we need to help her with is a sure faith in God. Without that there is no foundation for anything else. Another has learned everything and seemingly has no problems, but he does not want to get baptized. Next appointment we have we're just going to tell him that the Lord loves him and wants him in his church. Then we'll dig around for his concerns, they're surely something under the surface. We met a super great family while contacting the other day too! OH!!! and this family walked into the church yesterday!!!! It was such a miracle!!! We were making phone calls after late meetings and some member came and told us there was some white guy with his family on the couch, Elder Cooper and I looked at each other and practically ran around the corner. Sure enough. This old English dude with his Thai wife and a couple
daughters were sitting there. Turns out he was trying to find the catholic church because he was going to teach at the school there, Heavenly Father has different plans for him! We sent them off with a commitment to come to church and English class and a copy of the Family a Proclamation to the world in Thai and English.

We have Mission Leadership Council this week as well, which will be a great chance to build off of what we have learned and they have told us we're going to expound on the training we've just received. I'm super excited!

I've been sick for a few days now but it's not enough to put me down in the house. It might be a slow recovery because we have to travel overnight Tuesday and then back Wednesday but I'll fight through it. With the whole refocus on faith we read "A Challenging and Testifying Missionary" today. It's a talk that I've read many times before but it was a necessary reminder. We need to teach by the Spirit and not hold back at all. We need to let people know that we're representatives of the Lord, he loves them and he wants them in his church. This week we're going to do better at making sure that happens!

Love you all! Have a great week! Baptism!
Here's some pictures from this week!  We rode a kwai!  Water buffalo!

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