Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Thailand Week 89, 26 April 2015

We had three baptisms this week!!!!!
Brother Bank is 9 years old.   He was so fun to teach because he wouldn't always talk, but would raise his eyebrows or something to answer us.  He opened up in the end! It was awesome to see his dad baptize him!  He's a 3rd generation member!  There aren't many of those in Thailand yet!

The other two are members of a family, Sister Oy and Fai.  Oy is Fai's stepmother and has been raising her for the past 7 years since she was about 8.  She's 7 months pregnant and has a handicapped almost 2 year old who has suffered from seizures and so her brain hasn't been able to develop normally.  She wanted to find a church and so she walked in a couple months ago and we started teaching!  For the longest time they couldn't come to church, but as we continued to teach them their faith grew and they came to church and have progressed to be baptized!

We have a mission goal of 4 baptisms per companionship for the month of May!  What a way to go out!  This last month we hit this goal, and we have the faith we can do it again!!  There are people who the Lord has prepared that are looking for the church all on their own!  Elder Paxton and Elder Morley found an investigator who in his own words "came as an empty glass waiting to be filled" This next month we'll pray, work, and find others the Lord has prepared!

I know this work is true and it is the Lord's.  The Lord has prepared his elect people and we can do our part to find them.  We're getting new training from the APs on contacting tomorrow and I'm super excited to get it and share it with the zone!

The plans I know for the temple have it being built right where the office building is.  It's at the corner of a massive 4 way intersection with the canal boat, the airport rail link, the subway, and the sky train all super close.  It's the best place they could ever have!  I'm really hoping they buy out the corner lot too, just dominate the four way.  Thousands of people will see it every day.

When do the Clayton's leave?  I have such a big desire now to be a mission president, 25 more years!

Does anyone use the ping pong table anymore?  I was trained by this old Thai guy in Saphaan Sung so I'll take on anyone!!

Love Elder Keller

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