Saturday, May 16, 2015

Thailand Week 91, 10 May 2015


I never really watched the Prince of Egypt movie, but there's this one song in it called "If you Believe" (I think). It's about how if you believe you will see miracles. It was the background for a motivational video that got sent out my 3rd month in Thailand to help us get excited for baptism and to believe in miracles. It definitely worked! We just randomly start singing. "There can be miracles!!!!! If you believe!!!!" whenever we see a miracle. Now we've changed it to Mayracle because this is going to be a month of change! There have already been so many miracles in our companionship, our district, and our zone! Missionaries struggling with depression have completely turned around, investigators have had spiritual experiences to bring them to baptism, and we're finding the Lord's elect!!!

Elder Cooper and I contacted this family a week or so ago. They're so nice! They actually spend quality time together! So far, they sent their 16 year old son and their 7 year old daughter to church. They really liked it! We're going to be following up with them often because they live on the way to the church from our house! So anyways, we tried to see them yesterday but they weren't home. We were with a member so we wanted to make her time worth while and wanted to visit a member who lived in the area. So as we're thinking, this long time member who hasn't come to church for a long time rides past really slowly on his motorcycle. We stop him and then follow him to his house, which was way close. It was a good lesson but it didn't seem to have the biggest effect on him. Now here's the miracle. We decided to make use of our time while we were in the area. We went to one house and walked away laughing a bit with "We're Buddhist" repeating in our heads and decided to try a few more homes. We rode past a guy sitting outside of a big, nicer home and decided to turn around and talk to him. We called from his front gate, telling him we were representatives of Jesus Christ, and we had a special message for him. He warmly welcomed us in and poured a couple glasses of water. We began our message. Telling him of a Father in Heaven who knows and loves us. Of the truth of Jesus Christ and remission of sins. We gave him a Book of Mormon and taught him to pray so he can learn of these things for himself. He told us of how he had been thinking about Christianity lately and how it is spreading everywhere, the Lord has been preparing brother Mai for a long time now. In his prayer he thanked God for sending his representatives and that he may learn the truth of these things. We left him with a commitment to pray and read further, to ask for himself. I have no doubts that Heavenly Father is doing his work and I'm grateful to be a part of it. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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