Monday, June 2, 2014

Thailand Week 42, 30 May 2014

Hey family!!!  

How are you doing?  This week has been good but also pretty stressful.  We have a ton of projects in the office to get done soon and we just don't feel like we have enough time to do everything we need to.  Because of some changes in our district and the APs I'm now the district leader in Asoke. It's really fun, but at the same time kinda stressful.  It's an awesome experience though, I'm district leader for both of my trainers!  It's really fun to be here with them.  Last month we hit the goal and got 3 baptisms!  It felt so good to achieve that, and we're going to go even harder in June.  We have a baptism planned for tomorrow.  He lived in America for 10 months of his senior year and went to church consistently. He's read the BOM in Thai and English and is so ready for baptism.  There were a series of miracles that led him too us.  

This is kind of a short one, but that's mostly what's going on here. Really busy and just using our time wisely to do office work and still help people come to the church.  One fun thing is we just got a brand new van!  It's a huge Toyota commuter.  It's a 16 passenger van and we're excited to drive it!  The license plates aren't in yet but we're pumped to try out the diesel beast.  

I'll do better next week as far as the email goes, but I love you all!
Love Elder Keller

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