Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Thailand Week 41, 24 May 2014

Hey Everyone! 

It sounds like you guys are ready to slide into summer with all the camping and everything! 

Right now we're under martial law but everything is fine here.  We go home earlier and are conservative in our outward actions, but other than that we have normal lives.  Especially here in the office haha, we just chill and do our work.

This weekend we have two people getting baptized!!!  One Sister was questioning baptism and the Spirit guided us to scriptures that really helped her.  That's one thing I've found, using scriptures with investigators is definitely the best way to help people or to teach a point.  We shared 3 Nephi 13:31-34 which talks about not thinking about all the problems that tomorrow could bring, but just doing what we really know is right.  She said it really helped and she is going to go to church tomorrow and get baptized!

The other Sister has an awesome story too!  She really really wants to get baptized but she had a problem with her work and couldn't get off on Sundays to dome to church. But we talked to her and she had enough faith to make a miracle happen!  Sunday morning as she was getting ready for work she knew she was going to go to church, so she decided to put a dress on.  Then as her mom was driving her over to wok on her scooter her dress got caught in the bike and made them fall over.  All they had were some scrapes but they went to the hospital and she called in work and got off!  So she came to church!!  And then she got work off for the next couple weeks so she can get baptized!!

We have seen so many miracles lately and we know there are only more to come. 

Spiritual Thought:  The Lord knows what we need and will take care of us.  Us worrying about it does not help anything, there's enough evil in the day already.  So we just need to have hope and smile!

Love Elder Keller

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