Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thailand Week 38, 3 May 2014

Well this week has been pretty crazy.  It's hard to believe that transfers was only a week ago.  We've done a ton of stuff.  Transfers just wrecked us as far as a sleeping schedule, then there were a bunch of late nights trying to catch up.  For the last two days we've been driving around helping missionaries move houses and delivering washers and stuff.  It's been a long week that's for sure.  But even though the moving was a pain and a lot of work, it really was fun to help those missionaries and at the end of the day service is always satisfying.  The trick is just remembering that as your about to start.  

This week has also been full of miracles.  We've seen many blessings in the way of new investigators and opportunities to teach. Elder Wolfley is just full of faith and is always happy to work.  It's been stressful trying to get everything done, and we're not finished yet, but the Lord's hand is in all things.  We just have to rely on the Spirit, pray really hard, and then act like the miracle is right in front of you.  If you don't work like you're planning on a miracle you'll see a lot less of them I've realized.  I love being a missionary because it's full of miracles and you can see blessings every day if you're looking!

Love Elder Keller

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