Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thailand Week 44, 13 June 2014

Hi Family, 

The Asia Area Presidency for the church is here in Thailand for a big huge meeting this Sunday and so that makes us in the office a little stressed.  We had to get all the cars washed and clean the office and all that stuff.  President Senior also sent us around looking for some gifts and that turned into a goose chase for a A3 size picture frame that yielded no fruit…Oh well.  We went to like 5 different malls and walked around forever asking people everywhere where we could get a picture frame.  Oh well, they'll be happy with the wooden elephant and the embroidered traditional north eastern Thai towel/wrap/dress/pants/thingy.  It's really just a rectangular piece of fabric.  A towel.  One companion of mine thought it was the greatest thing ever.  "Use number 476: A hot pad" (said as he got his ramen noodles out of the microwave)   In my head I just always thought "Huh, yesterday that was use number 290…"  

I'm more than a year into my mission!!  It's really weird to think about; it's been the fastest year of my life by far.  But at the same time I think it's been the most influential for sure.  Thanks so much for everything you do for me.

Love Elder Keller

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