Monday, April 21, 2014

Thailand Week 36, 18 April 2014

Hey mom!

I got the Easter package!!  I'm wearing the tie right now and the Peachie Ohs are in my backpack to snack on today!  :)  I'm trying to save the candy and not eat it all at once.  I was way fat in the MTC and so now I'm slimming down a bit.  It's hard sometimes when you eat 7-11 food for like 5 meals a week. But it's whatever.  My shirts are so big that no one actually knows what my body looks like.  All the members (there's a ton of like 20 year old girls....)  call me the little bear elder and talk about how fat I am all the time.   That's just a normal thing in Thailand.  They talk about stuff like being overweight and diarrhea no problem.  One time this member was like "Elder you've gotten fatter since you've been here (which is false)."  I told her that I had actually gotten skinnier here and she was like "No look at your shoulders.  They've gotten broader and so you're fatter!"  You just can't win in Thailand...

This week is transfers week!  I've been in Asoke in the mission office for about 18 weeks now.  I'm not sure what'll happen now.  Either I or Elder Smith will definitely leave the office.  I'm pretty sure one of us will stay though because white washing the office would be a messy thing.  

I'll be kinda sad to leave if I do because there are like 3 investigators we have lined up for baptism on the 27th!  One of them has been learning with us for like a month and a half or something.  She was always good in lessons and stuff but she just wouldn't accept a date at the beginning.  She finally feels ready and is going to get baptized for sure! :) Lately I've been getting a lot better at just doing what needs to be done and trying to be more direct and aware of the spirit.  I feel like it's been working! Our lessons feel stronger and I'm overall just happier.  The best way to know if you are doing the right thing in life is to look for the influence of the Holy Ghost.  If you can feel the Holy Ghost working in your life, take it as confirmation that you're doing the right thing. 

I'll keep you updated on the transfers! I should know maybe Sunday or Monday when we start putting together the slide show.  I love you guys!

Love Elder Josh Keller

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