Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Thailand Week 33, 28 March 2014

Hey Everyone!

So the timeline in my head is a little weird because I haven't emailed for a while.  But we have had a pretty good week!

Yay Mom you went visiting teaching!!  Not that that's a surprise for you at all but we're trying to put a big focus on visiting and home teaching in this ward.  Not a lot of it happens.  We're actually doing a skit about it tomorrow for the combined 5th Sunday Sunday school for our ward.  There are so many less active members and stuff that we need to start these programs going to help people.  Haha I really appreciate what a functioning ward is like now.

I'm way excited for general conference!  One thing that's different about being a missionary is that I am so much more focused on spiritual things. It's really nice.  I'm way excited for conference.  We don't get to listen to it until the weekend after because we wait for them to translate it into Thai.  I'm pretty sure we get to watch it in English though.  It's going to be awesome!  

Have you watched many of the bible videos?  Elder Hunsaker just pulled one up now and it was way good.  It's from Matthew 10 (or somewhere around there) and Jesus talks about a house divided against itself, contending statement from the pharisees (?) about using power of the devil.  It's really good. You should go watch it,  It gives the scriptures so much more life and emotion. I've been learning to get a lot more out of scripture study by reading a little deeper than the base meaning and it's really fruitful.

Last week we had a baptism!!  But it wasn't the one that we were planning on.  So the security guard at the church used to work at the office and we had given him a Book of Mormon but have never really been able to talk to him for sure.  When he moved to the church some other Elders started teaching him. He really wanted to be baptized but being a guard he works like 36 hours on and 12 off so it's just hard.  It was Saturday and they said that he wanted to be baptize he just needed to learn. So Elder Smith and I sat down and taught him everything in the missionary lessons and he was interviewed that night and got baptized!  He was so humble and willing to submit to our Father in Heaven.  That's one of the most important traits of a baptismal candidate.

We have another baptism coming up this Sunday!   And we have a few other investigators that are progressing very well too!  One Sister was having trouble with her aunt warning her that she needs to study more before she's ready.  But we had the chance to sit down with her and her mom and it was a way good lesson.  Mom you talked about how it was nice to get into the sun and feel that warmth and happiness again, that's what I felt like after this lesson.  We were able to explain really clearly about the message of the Restoration.  That this isn't some new church Joseph Smith set up, it's the ancient church of Jesus Christ again restored in it's fullness.  
That's such an important message.  This isn't something weird or just some random idea.  This is literally the church of Jesus Christ on this earth.  I know this to be true. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Elder Josh Keller

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