Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Thailand Week 34, 4 April 2014

Hey Family!

This week was crazy.  Last Sunday they got the total for all the baptisms in the month of March.  We had the theme of March Madness going trying to get every single companionship 2 baptisms for the month of March and a total of 200 people baptized.  Last Sunday was pretty intense with the Assistants and the Zone Leaders going crazy gathering up every one's data. That also meant we had a ton of baptismal records to fingers actually were like worn out.  I can type in Thai pretty dang good now though.  The total came to 212 people baptized in the month of March!!!  We exceeded our goal even!!  It was such a huge accomplishment!  

The Lord's work is going by so much faster.  That "Hastening the Work" thing is really unfolding before our eyes.  The key that we've been working on is testifying of the truth and really helping others feel the Spirit. There's an old talk called "The Challenging and Testifying Missionary" that kind of started this whole fire in Thailand.  I've been studying it lately.  There's nothing we can do or say to truly help someone be converted aside from testifying boldly by the Spirit.  I've been trying so hard to get that into my system.  To testify to everyone. If someone gives you more than the half second on the street then bear testimony of baptism and God's love for all of us.  It definitely works miracles.  

So last Sunday we had this other really strange experience.  President Senior had a friend who had a friend who knew a Thai member of the church a while ago.  Like 10 years, and hasn't been able to contact him.  We got an assignment to go out and do our best to find him.  The info we had was like 10 years old so we didn't know how much of it was true.  The phone numbers weren't good, the email wasn't good, figures because they hadn't worked for the other guy.  So all we had left was a 10 year old address that they said was more like his parents business address. The google maps in Thailand is pretty bad at finding stuff so we had to do some work with the address but we found it with street view and everything so we knew exactly where we were going.  We got there in a taxi and showed some pictures to the lady that came to the door.  After talking to her we got permission to go talk to his family inside.  We learned from his dad and his younger brother that he passed away 10 years ago.  It was such a sad story, and the families beliefs didn't give them a reason to expect to see him in the next life.  We shared our message about the plan of salvation and tried to leave a strong feeling of the Spirit.  It made me think about how important this life is and how important the gospel is.  Especially to families.  I'm so grateful that I have the knowledge and testimony about the truth of God's Plan for us.

Oh and a little announcement.  They now have 4 APs here!  Elder Chelson my old ZL got bumped up to traveling AP with Elder Wilson. So now Elder Lucas my 2nd companion is my new zone leader!  I'm in the same district as both of my trainers! It's pretty weird but way fun! :)

Love you all!
Love Josh

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