Monday, December 16, 2013

Thailand Week 18, 15 Dec 2013

Hello everyone!  

Only 9 days until Christmas!!  At least for me.  You all have 10 more days. >:)

This week the most memorable thing was the branch Christmas party on Saturday!  It was so good!  There were a ton of people there, including a ton of investigators!  They did a Nativity scene, a gift exchange, had some really good food (include chocolate fondue) and a couple other activities.  It was really fun.

This week we also got really good at asking everyone for referrals.  Especially the people who reject us haha.  They want us to ask every single person we talk to for the name of a friend who might be interested.  It's hard to remember and sometimes people don't even stop to let you get a word out. (It's kind of funny sometimes actually) But we've seen the blessings!  There's been an influx of people referred to the missionaries for us to teach!  It's awesome to see the church growing to strongly!

So as of right now I don't know where I'll be for Christmas...We're anxiously awaiting the call from the zone leaders to let us know who's going to be moving on this coming Wednesday.  Wherever I go, the church will still be true and Christmas will be awesome!  

Love Elder Keller

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