Monday, December 2, 2013

Thailand Week 16, 1 Dec 2013

This was a crazy week!  Oh and Happy Thanksgiving!  

Thanksgiving wasn't quite like it is at home, but some of the members who have lived in America made a turkey and a bunch of other good food for the branch activity on Wednesday so that was good!  

This week we saw miracles for sure!  We worked really hard to make our goals. It was harder this week because we had one less day with the meeting on Monday.  But we did it!  With the help of Heavenly Father we did it!

We ended up teaching 8 lessons yesterday!  It was a pretty full day. And we split up to teach more people.  I still don't like teaching people on my own.  I get tense and teach a little to fast.  And I still don't understand 100% of everything, but soon!  They were good lessons in the end though and we got enough lessons and everything to have balanced key indicators this week!  

So November we had a mission wide goal to get a baptism for every companionship in the mission.  It was such a good month!  We had tons of success the whole mission wide and ended up with a total of 109 baptisms!!!  That's so good! That's a whole new ward in Thailand!  The work of salvation is going so fast!    

Anything is possible with Faith and Hope!  

My culinary skills are getting better and better!  We made no-bake cookies twice this week!  They were our contribution to the ward Thanksgiving party and then we made them again just for us.  The most expensive part of the whole thing is the butter.  But it's worth it.  And then for Sunday dinner we made garlic bread and spaghetti with meat and onions cooked in too.  But it's not quite as good as mom cooking! 

I hope you all have an awesome week!
Love Elder Keller

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