Friday, August 2, 2013

MTC Week 3, 3 July 2013

Hi mom!

How are you?  Everything is going pretty good here.  Since the temple is closed we had nothing to do in the mornings.  We decided to wake up at like 6:30 and go do our laundry early so it would be out of the way.  Its 9:17 and we're all done!  We don't have to do anything else until 6!  Its such a good feeling to have some real free time.  I'm starting to figure out laundry.  I wash all my whites and colors and then take out my quick dry shirts to dry the colors.  I washed my pants today, the ones we bought at REI,  I hope I did it right.  I just washed them regularly and then let them hang to dry.  Another thing about being out before 10 in the morning is that its not hot yet!  We have gym at like 2:30 on tuesdays and it gets way hot...I'm surprised I haven't sunburned myself yet.  

So about the pictures, turns out my camera acts as a card reader so that problem should be taken care of, the problem is a lot of the computers don't allow you to attach pictures to your emails, I'm not sure why.  We're in a different building today that we heard was better, hopefully they're right.  I haven't tried it yet.  At the world leadership training they had a coupole weeks ago they said that we're going to be doing a lot more with internet and technology.  It sounds like we'll be able to have a facebook account and maybe a blog while we're in the field!  That would be awesome and such a good way to communicate with people.  It would be a new account of course, but anyone could friend request it I bet. 

We're really starting to get into the Thai now.  We're weening ourselves off of the romanized Thai that looks more like english, and into the crazy swirly script stuff.  I can read most of it, but it takes like 3 minutes a word sometimes.  We have to look for consonants and then look all around the consonant (up, down, left, right, sometimes all four plus an accent) to figure out one syllable.  The tones are hard to figure out too.  We teach our third leasson to this one investigator (Our teacher brother Olsen)  tonight about the plan of salvation.  Me and elder Watkins are starting to really figure out how to teach with the Spirit and be able to adapt what we wanted to say mid lesson.  My district is full of cool guys.  Elder Watkins (my companion) is now our DL and Elders Crump and Beatty are the ZLs.  We have lots of fun.  Elder Crump got Cafe Rio dropped off one night and it was so good.  I wish we had one in Alaska.  The food here feels pretty boring sometimes.  And it gives everyone crasy gas.  Elder Smith has been blessed with the gift of farts.  He can fart on command.  The other night he farted 111 times in a row no joke.  

So I'm starting to figure out what sorts of things I need here.  I'll just list it off.  I rolled my ankle the other day so that ankle sleeve would be nice.  Another pair of shorts and a shirt, the shirt doesn't have to be like a athletic shirt, just so I have another one to wear around.  I'm kinda bored of my ties...If you could send a bunch of mine at home that would be awesome!  There's a microwave downstairs so we could totally make easy mac or popcorn if we wanted to.  Since there are 6 people in our room there are two of us without a desk.  Could you send some sort of light that I could hang from the bunk above me or something?  The flashlight is kinda hard to use and write at the same time. Oh and I lost my hair gel...I don't know how..maybe I left it on the bathroom counter?  I don't know where it is, could you send me more of the same stuff?  The red axe gel?  Thanks!

I love hearing from you guys and all the little things that go on at home!  I wish I could go watch Nathan and Natalie and Matthew go tear it up playing soccer!  Soccer here is fun but not that intense really.  Keep the letters coming!  It makes my day to hear from you guys.  Spiritual thought: at our devotional last night one of the speakers said we need to keep the gospel inside of us at all times.  I'm learning how true that is.  If we have the gospel with us and as our focus everything else that is hard will be a little bit easier.  I love you all!

Love Elder Joshua Keller

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