Friday, August 2, 2013

MTC Week 4, 10 July 2013

Hey Mom! 

How are you?  It sounds like you guys are all having tons of fun!  I hope you still like camping and bike riding by the time I get back!  I hope I still like bike riding by the time I get back.  Thanks for the package!!  It's awesome!  The photo album is great too! I like the pictures you picked out.  I have soooo much food now....Amanda sent me two boxes just full of treats and now I got the treats from you too!  Our room is so full of food we could just not go to lunch everyday.  We'd get super sick of skittles and oreos though haha.  And thanks for the other stuff in there too!  This is my fourth week at the MTC!  Only five more to go!  Wow that doesn't exactly sound like its gonna go by super fast. Hopefully it does.  I keep getting to see Daniel Poletti around, and Johnny Neu comes in today too!  Along with a guy from South High that I've met a few times before.  Mat Johnson took off to the field on Monday, I almost didn't get to see him!  He was at the West campus in the dorms.  It sounds like their dorms are so much nice than ours, but apparently we have better food.  That came as a surprise to us haha.  One of the best things here is the oatmeal because you can't really mess that up.  Elders Watkins and Crump are always super excited to get thier oatmeal.  They have two vats filled with either oatmeal, cracked wheat, or cream of wheat.  Today it was just cream of wheat and cracked wheat.  Crump is convinced its because he took a bite of his oatmeal yesterday before he remembered to pray haha.  

Thank you so much for the postcards!  They were so fun to get!  They all asked me if i've seen the Northern Lights and thought it was way cool.  Matt I bet you've already beat Poke Park 2!  The music from the first one is ingrained in my head.  Natalie there was a sister who played her violin with the choir at the devotional last night and it made me think of you! You're going to be so good by the time I get back!  I had a bit of an accomplishment at that devotional.  I got a solid thirty minute nap in.  I was kind of impressed with myself considering the seats at the Marriot center are so bad...I tried to stay awake it just didn't work out. We're such a close district that a lot of times we end up talking or whatever instead of getting to bed on time.  Elder Beatty actually bought ear plugs haha.  For gym I've been going up to the track and running and doing some of the lifting machines they have up there.  Nathan I bet you would like to play basketball.  Or probably soccer, you'd be one of the better players out there if you came right now haha.  We did our laundry early again so now its 10:22 and we have the whole day (until 6) ahead of us.  

The Fourth of July was fun! We had a little devotional, watched 17 Miracles, and then they let us try and look through the wall of trees and buildings that surrounds the MTC to try and see the fireworks from the Stadium of Fire program.  That night we were allowed to be up past our bed time haha.  Then I think it was monday there was a thunderstorm!  It was so cool!  They all thought it was weird that I was so excited but we don't get that in Alaska.  It worked out perfectly, we didn't have a teacher for the first hour of our class block for some reason.  So some of us took a walk in the pouring rain.  We came back soaked but it was worth it haha.  The thunder and lightning was awesome. 

Elder Watkins and I are getting good at teaching!  With the language and the spirit.  Our teacher even took us out after a lesson and said he was impressed.  He plays our investigator and asked us questions about Christ and the Atonement that we hadn't planned on teaching, he said we did good with it.  

Spiritual thought:  We watched a talk by Elder Bednar about feeling the Spirit.  He talked about how some people worry about if its the Spirit or just our own thoughts.  He said "Just quit worrying about it!"  He said that as long as we are faithfully serving and worthy to receive guidance that often times we will and not even realize it.  I read a scripture that said the Holy Ghost Dwells in out hearts, not just visits.  I really liked that message, expecially on a mission.  We're cruising through the Book of Mormom.  Last night I read about Alma and Amulek and how they brought the prison down on all the evil men who were taunting them.  I loved how Zeezrom was able to be forgiven and healed, the Atonement is so powerful.  

I bought a second memory card for like 8 bucks!  It's smaller but still a good size.  I'll send the one with pictures on it home and use this one in the meantime, then we can swap.  I'm not sure that will work so well in Thailand but we'll figure that out. Some of the other Elder's moms are using missionary mom or something to find each other and they're looking at eachother's blogs and pictures, maybe you can find some of the people in my district!  Elder Jacob Smith, Elder J. Brett Crump, Elder Josh Beatty, Elder Landon Watkins (my companion), and Elder Kendall Vance.  As far as needs go I think I'm covered!  But I do have a request!  Could you make copies of some of the piano music I used to play?  Especially the Come Come Ye Saints and any others you feel like sending.  I'm not sure what the best way to send them is but whatever you figure out will be awesome I'm sure!  I'm running short on time, but I love you all and I'm so glad to hear from all of you!  Congratulations Mom and Dad!  I love you and I'm so greatful for all that you've done for me!

Love Elder Josh Keller

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