Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thailand Week 1, 18 Aug 2013

So I have unlimited time sort of but I don't want to be here too long so I'm just gonna do some stuff really quick!

-Flight was good!
-Typhoon was sketchy but we made it
-Hong Kong has drinks with chunks of aloe in it, super weird
-Thailand is hot and humid and sweaty
-My mission president and his wife are awesome
-Thai food is so good
-Being a missionary is exhausting
-I'm in Phitsanulok
-There's a good youth membership here
-Elder Hunsaker has been here a year and he's my awesome companion/trainer
-He makes me talk to people all by myself...
-I've gotten the chance to ask two people to be baptized and they both have dates!
-It's even harder to stay awake in church when you cant understand what the lesson is
-My house has a ping pong table!
-There are geckos!!
-No elephants yet!
-I got a flat tire already and had to get it replaced!
-Don't run over glass bottles with your bike.
-Talking to Thai people is so scary
-They talk fast and quiet
-I love you all!
-Sorry I'll do better with pictures and everything next week!

Love Elder Keller

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