Tuesday, July 30, 2013

MTC Week 2, 26 June 2013

Hi Mom!!!

Thanks so much for the package!  It was awesome to get!  All the notes on it made me smile a lot.  And the stuff inside was pretty good too!  I ate most of the Peachyo's at the devotional we had on Tuesday.  It was Janice Kapp Perry and it was way good.  Her husband talked a little too.  She told us his first line to her was "Your lips look like they're meant for more than playing the clarinet"  then he walked up to the podium and kissed her and then stuck his fist up in the air.  It got a standing ovation from most of the Elders, haha you don't see that kind of thing a lot.  

We got to go to the temple today, which is good because the Provo temple closes on Saturday for 6 weeks, so up until we leave.  We did initiatories today and it was a great experience.  The food in the temple cafeteria is also way better than the MTC food.  I'm sad I missed out on that fun camping trip!  It sounds like so much fun!  We're having fun here too.  We've got a glow in the dark basketball hoop that we play with all the time, I don't hold any records but its still fun haha.  Yesterday for P-day I went to the weight room with a couple guys and had a good workout.  I'm at 173ish now..I'm trying to not gain weight here like almost everyone does.  But I guess once we're in Thailand we'll be eating rice and fruit, biking, and getting sick once a month so the report is that everyone loses weight.  

We're learning so much!  we have two teachers now, our first "investigator" is now Brother Phan and I love his class.  Even when we learn the language he teaches so much with the spirit.  

So I guess they sell SD card readers here!  They're like $10 so if you haven't already gotten one I can just get one here or you can send one!  Also could you send my soccer flats?  The red and black ones?  Thanks! My typing is pretty sloppy, but I'm just trying to get as much out as I can in an hour!  I Love you so much mom!  Keep sending the DearElders!  They make my day!
Love Josh

Dear Dad,

I hope the Gulkana trip isn't as miserable for you this year as it has been some years!  I hear its way warm there this year! Hopefully that will be true up on the river.  Maybe you'll see a bear this time. I always felt like we should have and then we never did.  That owl we saw was pretty cool though!  There's not a whole lot to see from the MTC, but the other day I did watch a couple robins chase off a squirrel for like 5 minutes, it was pretty funny haha.  The mountains here are cool!  When you can see them that it, the MTC feels pretty closed in, like you can't see the outside world.  The older Thai's leave on monday!  It's gotten me even more excited to go!  Thanks for all the letters!  I love hearing about everything that happens there!  I love and miss you! 
Love Josh

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