Tuesday, July 30, 2013

MTC Week 1, 19 June 2013

Hi Mom!!!

I've been getting all your dear elder letters!  I love getting them and getting to hear about everything that's happening with our family.  It's crazy how hot it is there!!  I'm still not used to the heat, it's a pain wearing a dark suit when its 90 degrees outside.  Wednesdays are our P-days, so I'll be able to check emails then!  I've gotten a few letters too!  I got one from Grandma Mortensen and one from the Oldhams along with some candy.  If you see them be sure to tell them thank you for me.  As of now I have 18 minutes and 43 seconds left of email time.  I'm trying to type as fast as I can!

The MTC is awesome, we just went to the temple this morning and it was such a calming experience.  Sundays are good days, we have regular church meetings throughout the day and a few others.  Then at the end of the day its movie night!!  We watched the Testaments this week, that movie about the people in the Americas.  It's a way good movie, probably one of the best we'll get to watch haha.  Then Monday is great, we have a period of time that's called "Personal Workout Time" where we don't get to use the gym facilities but there's a pull up bar in the residence and you can pretty much do whatever you want.  I played some wall ball and just hung out with the other missionaries.  Oh actually me and some guys from my district set the record for our zone relay of 100 pull ups, I think it was around 3 minutes.  Tuesdays aren't bad either, but we do have to teach our "investigator" first thing in the morning, which can be stressful, but the language is coming really fast.  We started with a romanized version of Thai that uses recognizable letters, we're just learning how to use the Thai Script that looks so crazy.  You know Ian's friend that was going to Thailand?  He's in my district!  Elder Beatty is way good with the language.

The MTC is pretty demanding but it's also really rewarding, you grow so much spiritually here.  I'm excited to hear about the Gulkana trip!  I always thought it was a fun one.  So about those hangars...I broke two and fixed them with athletic tape, and haven't broken anymore, but it would still be nice to have a few more hangars.  Also my shoes smell really bad...I'm not sure why but do you know of any way to fix that?  And also if you could send me the vial and oil that I think I left in my room that would be great.  Another thing is an address book!  And if you can fill it out some too that would be great!  I got a dear Elder from MacKenzie, and it was good to hear from her!  But it bugged out and didn't give me her email, so I can't respond...And Amanda sent me some but I forgot to write her email down too...I think I know it though.  I love and miss you all so much!  I know that Heavenly Father is watching over us while we're apart!

-Love Josh

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