Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thailand Week 57, 14 Sept 2014

This was the best week I've ever had in my mission!!  Or at least way up there!!  

Elder Wright and I took the training from Steven Allen to heart and just opened up so many more aspects of missionary work.  We had a ton of recent convert lessons which turned into a total of 3 referrals this week and a lot of progress in the ward.  We have a ton of great potentials for next week and there will be a couple people baptized for sure!  The Lord has provided us with so many new opportunities to teach.  

My favorite of the week: We had an appointment with the recent convert and young mother with 2 kids.  We were exited to teach her, she's doing great so not a lot of pressure.  And then she brought a friend!  At first her friend was reluctant to come into the lesson but we convinced her.  Me and Elder Wright went to grab teaching pamphlets and had no idea what to teach about so we just grabbed one of everything and went for it.  We started with a prayer and used that to jump start on God and from there we just asked questions as guided by the Spirit to get her to open up and understand what she needed.  She is one of those people who has so many deep questions and we were able to help her understand so much more, particularly about the plan of salvation. We'll be working with her and we know that she'll be baptized soon!  So many people are looking for the truth and just don't know where to find it! :)

This is the greatest work ever!  

This week is transfers! My companionship will definitely be moved around somehow.  Training is over and honestly I feel like I'll get sent out to the boonies but who knows haha.  It's never what I think it will be.  I'll keep you updated! :)

Love Elder Keller

PS I'll have some cool wax museum pictures next week!

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