Monday, July 28, 2014

Thailand Week 49, 20 July 2014

Sup Family!

It looks like you had a ton of fun down in Indiana!!  I'll be at the next one!  Maybe?  I think I go home like May 27th or something like that. So yeah that's before summer stuff really starts happening.  

This week we had a lot of good things happen!  But a lot of them not until like 20 minutes into church!  It seems like it works that way a lot.  We work hard during the week and people don't necesarily show up to church.  But then the Lord just takes care of it all.  I've found that pattern in my life as a missionary.  You work hard and see results, but maybe not all the ones you want or need.  I've found that the blessings come after the matter.  9:00am Sunday morning, church is starting and we have no one there.  But Heavenly Father always delivers, we ended up with 3 solid investigators at church!  A dad and his daughter and another guy.  We're going to do our best to help them get baptized this Sunday!  They're ready for it!  

I'm going to start doing more believing from the very beginning.  Even at first when it seems dimmer, maybe you really don't know how, who, when, what; but I am going to go through life with more faith and confidence the Lord will deliver.

We're going fishing today for some massive catfish!  There's some stocked pond somewhere I think.  This member is gonna take us.  I'll send you pictures!

Love Elder Keller

So there are pictures of this wat, this mud fish that scoots around in mud instead of swimming, a snake and a lizard, and then a bunch of us on this bridge.  

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