Monday, July 7, 2014

Thailand Week 47, 6 July 2014

Hey Family! 

So week two in the new area was a blast and full of blessings!  We had a baptism from an investigator that was pretty much ready when we got here, and now with lots of blessings we have another baptism set up for next week!  It's a blessing that Elder Wright is getting to see a baptism so soon from start to finish!  I'm trying hard to give him a good first transfer.  It's hard sometimes, there's pressure to have a perfect area and everything, but the only thing we can control is our faith and our work.  So we've been focusing on working hard and praying for miracles all the time.  We've definitely seen them.  With new investigators, people at church, people picking up the phone when we need them too, it all just works out.

Saphaan Sung is a ward of about 140 people with strong leadership and good organization.  They function very well and the leaders have the right expectations.  They're looking at splitting the ward in the next few months to qualify for a stake center building here.  This Bangkok Stake really doesn't have a good location for meetings like that.  Here is perfect, a big lot, lots of parking, its on the major road, we just need to qualify for building expansion!  That's our goal, we're going to help prepare the ward for splitting.  There's always a new goal to strive for in our vision for the Thailand Bangkok Temple!

We have a ton of fun on the side as well!  We live with the Zone Leaders and they're the craziest companionship.  Elder Cosper is an old companion from the office, and Elder Kohler is an outside of the box missionary.  They both innovate so well and always have the craziest stunts and weird ideas together haha.  It's good to get the relieving laughs together after a long day of work.  I'm excited for the rest of the transfer and all the miracles it will bring!

Love Elder Keller

Samut Prakkan Crocodile Farm and Zoo

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