Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Thailand Week 29, 1 March 2014

Hey Everyone,

Right now we're pretty busy in the office.  We have a lot of work to do and all of the stuff we do monthly is catching up to us.  Baptismal records, the monthly newsletter, recent convert letters, and a bunch of other projects that have to be done soon.  Serving in the office is way stressful...but it's also way satisfying and being in the middle of everything is fun. :)  

In Asoke there are 12 missionaries and we all talk to everyone we see about baptism.  Like people we walk past on the streets and stuff.  Usually it's just a second or so in passing, "Do you know what baptism is? Do you want to be cleansed of sin?"  So because people have seen missionaries around so much, especially near the church, office, and our house, there are lots of people that really don't like us.  Some people probably hate us.  But we still have to ask them and everyone else we see.  It's a blessing that I'm reading in the end of Helaman and the beginning of 1 Nephi.  Nephi and Lehi preached until they were put in jail. Samuel the Lamanite got kicked out of the town but still came back, and didn't flinch when they started shooting arrows and stuff at him.  If I let a few glares and some really annoyed Thai people make me second guess my work then I'm not being a very good missionary.  It's a challenge for me, seeing all the people that I know don't like me.  But I know that what I'm doing is right and that if I keep doing it we'll find those prepared to receive the gospel.  That's my tip for missionary work, just talk to people.  Not straight up about baptism probably, haha. But don't be afraid to invite someone to church!  I'm a hypocrite because I never did, but I know it'll help. I heard once that an invitation given out of love will never be taken offensively.  So don't worry and pray about it! :)  And then this other quote- he who finds offense where none is intended in a fool.  So if they get offended it's their own fault haha. :)  

I'm still way happy that I'm on a mission and I know why I'm here. :)
Have a nice week! :)

Love Josh

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