Monday, November 11, 2013

Thailand Week 13, 10 Nov 2013

Hey everyone!  

This week was good.  We got to go visit the ancient capital of Sukothai on Monday so I'll put some cool pictures up!  

This week we put a lot of focus on planning ahead and saw the fruits from it!  We got some good lessons in with lots of people!

This week we also put a focus on contacting for the whole 2 hours everyday. It was good!  We got a lot of good contacts and some people who are really excited to learn!  On Saturday we went and did some inviting at the crazy Thai market street.  You couldn't move unless the crowd took you. It was ridiculous!  

That's about all the big news from this week.  The Church is still true, Jesus Christ is still our Savior and this is still His work.  That's something that hit me this week. No matter what we do, no matter what results we get, I'm serving Christ and that's what makes me want to put everything I have into this work.  

Love Elder Keller

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