Monday, November 4, 2013

Thailand Week 12, 3 Nov 2013

So today we're finally getting out and going to see some cool Thai culture stuff in the ancient capital city of Sukothai! It's like an hour bus ride away. Hopefully I'll be able to get some fun things to send home for Christmas. So I'll just give a little wrap up of this week.

Wednesday we had our Halloween activity at the church and the members did a way good job setting everything up!  Halloween here isn't the same as America that's for sure.  American candy is so expensive here, well it's not too bad but it's more than other options. The party was way fun!

Friday we got to give a blessing to a sister in really humble circumstances.  It was an eye opening experience to see so much humbleness and faith in someone who has a lot of reasons to be unhappy about life.  I watched Thomas S Monson's talk on how the Lord will never forsake us, and I know how true that is.

Saturday and Sunday were all pretty normal days!  Well, there's not really anything normal in being a missionary, you've got to be prepared for everything!  We got raged at and flipped off (footed) by someone who was super angry we wrote the word scripture on the ground.  We also had a baptism this week!!  That was awesome.  The water in our font is still coming out green though...

Mom we made food this week!  Elder Lucas had some Au Jus and taco seasoning packets his family sent so we had sandwiches and made up some taco soupish stuff this week.

Next week I'll have some good pictures to send home!

Love Elder Josh Keller

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