Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Thailand Week 85, 29 March 2015

Today I'm not writing a ton because we're going to this elephant village about and hour and a half away.  It's going to be awesome! I haven't ridden an elephant yet so this is necessary.

This week was normal except for we had conference Monday and then Pday Tuesday instead. This coming week is actually the only normal week of this transfer.  Next Monday we have MLC which will actually make us leave Sunday night. Then after that it's Songran (The nationwide water festival) and Transfers!!!!

We're going to be taking full advantage of our week though! We have 4 investigators on track to be baptized next week on the 5th! Happy Easter! They're all so great and have been progressing for a bit as well.

One investigator is smart.  He takes the things we teach and you can tell he can process them and understand their application.  He smokes, but when we taught the word of wisdom and told him God forbids smoking, he just kind of smiled and said that it's a good thing.  He's not fooling himself.  He has leadership potential for sure! We're also meeting his daughter tomorrow as well!

Another had a date for yesterday actually but had a meeting for work so it was moved. We've met her husband before as well and he's interested!  He works in a different province during the week though so we'll have to work for time to meet him.

Another is an exchange student from Cambodia he came to us from a member in Sisagate that Elder Watkins taught and baptized!  Now we're going to help his friend do the same here in Roi-Et

The last is the mother of an RC who just received the Melchizedek priesthood and just got called as a branch clerk! She's doing great because of all the support she has from her son and his fiance who brought him into the church in the first place.

All this family work has just been coming up on it's own.   As we've stayed true to principles of diligence, faith, miracles, obedience, all those basics, we've seen the family initiative go forth as well! We've been talking about it and teaching towards it more and we're seeing the miracles!

Now the trick is to keep the focus going for the last little bit.  I can pretend I'm not going home, but I don't think that's what "Enduring to the End" implies.  I've put too much into this work to go home on a bad note.  It just can't happen.  So I'm trying to up the focus, energy, and faith.  Trying to purge myself of the things that distract and increase the things that uplift.  I've got a goal to finish the Book of Mormon in Thai before I go home.  I've never had a good habit of just reading it before, so now I'm going through it 10 pages or so a day.  It takes a lot of time but I also feel closer to the Lord.  And now that I'm out of Isaiah I understand a lot more too, haha.  By the way, the Thai book of Mormon is 707 pages long.

Total Consecration!
Love Elder Keller

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