Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Thailand Week 79, 15 Feb 2015

This week was a new experience for me. The first half of the week was normal, then on Thursday we started doing switch-offs with all the district leaders in the zone. Thursday I went over with Elder Hales. Still here in Thonburi but in his side of things. Then Friday I brought Elder Graham over here while Elder Tanner was in Bangkhae with his companion. Saturday we both went over and worked in Bangbuathong.

The common thread is willing and diligent missionaries who are wandering a bit as we try to apply the new training on teaching families. I've been kinda stressed trying to understand what my role is. I need to make sure our area is doing good. Which it is by the way, we had a baptism on Sunday! In his testimony he shared how he knew he needed to change his life and he prayed for a new family, or new people to meet who could help him. He's found it now.
So we're seeing success, but that success isn't wide spread in the zone yet. That's something we need to take care of. Then there's the branch. The members here are great. But there's always things to fix and things we can help the, with. I also need to make sure that I'm doing all the right things. Writing in my journal, following the schedule, being diligent in my work. There's so much to take care of sometimes it can be overwhelming. But spiritual change is a process. Just like in the physical world, spiritual progression needs momentum. We need to start off with a small push and from there we can keep it going. The little decisions every day make the difference in our success. That's the trick, starting every morning with good choices. Maintaining the spiritual momentum is how we can grow.

Today I read in John 11 and it's really cool how much you can see the emotions of Christ. "Jesus wept" Christ of course was pained that those he loved had to go through so much suffering, but it was so he could perform the miracle of raising Lazarus. I feel like I can connect with Christ even more as I learn about his life and see the way he worked.

Sorry Mom, here are the answers to some of your questions...

So my companion is Elder Tanner. We're the same age in the mission and he's from Orem Utah. He has red hair and a blue tooth.

We live in a pink house. The outside and inside are all completely pink. We have a new addition to our kitchen. Last night there was a big gecko outside and Elder Baldwin and Elder Hales beat it to death with brooms. It's now living in our freezer. We're still debating whether or not to eat it.... ;)

We live in a nutsy part of Bangkok where they're trying to build the sky train and extend it over here but that's going to take like 5 more years. So right now we're stuck with narrower roads and a lot of traffic. It took us like an hour to get to church the other day. Bus rides and taxi rides get boring. I've actually fallen asleep a couple times despite the noise. That's the main reason we're looking for a new house. We think we might've found one that's pretty close to the church! Like a 15 minute walk they said! I haven't been there yet but Elder Hales and Elder Frodsham are excited about it.

This branch is good. There's a lot of willing members. Many of whom have family in the church and/or are recent converts too! There's the usual smattering of people who aren't all the way there mentally like Thailand typically is, but they all contribute this funny atmosphere to the branch haha. I like working here and I'm excited for all the things that are going to happen here!
Love you mom! I hope this is better haha. :)

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